Atrangi Re: What is often visible to the eye can’t be true for the soul

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2 min readJan 6, 2022

The idea of love, relationships and heartbreak have been a constant pacifier for any underlying narrative in any movie made in Bollywood so far, However the manner and the way of emoting it has gone under several changes. Atrangi Re’s trailer although seemed to promise a lot with some undertones of Anand Rai’s best creation for Bollywood so far- Ranjhna. However, when I saw the movie, I was certainly taken aback with a a hollow plot and weak delivery with a storyline that was difficult to relive, cherish and see.

Caught in their own muse

While Ranjhna. Was quite realistic in its storyline and delivery, Atrangi Re had some weird sections which when weaved together in the plot left some bad aftertaste and made this movie miserable to watch. Only saving grace in the movie is Dhaanush who truly stands and deliver his part in a effortless manner and makes us relate and stay with his character throughout the movie.

Sara, just proves that why education of one’s profession is often much more necessary than having the flesh of it. Born and brought up in a privileged Pataudi family’s (with no cinematic education or training) after effects could be seen in her acting as well because throughout the first half of the movie we could see Sara not been able to deploy herself in the character of a young Bihari chori who has been escaping from her home, raat ko chori choir (just delivering in the manner Sara does in her Instagram post). The task of getting the accent seemed so forced and unprepared and makes me fail to understand on how a director of this stature allowed this fallacy to pass through.

Its the eyes that emote and not the body

The narrative was quite weak and fails to come out as a hero because of lack of realism and substance and just like any R Balki movie had the basic elements of love triangle, obsessive lovers and personal tragedy in the lives of the heroine. However, the substance that binds these elements together was quite weak.

Only if you love Dhaanush and his mellow sweet voice with which he speaks Hindi, you can give this movie a try.

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