Haseen Dillruba: When intensity of love transcends the sanity of life

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3 min readJul 9, 2021
Ishq Chupau ya Murder

Human Beings are very strange characters. They can metamorphosis into an animal, a primitive or a saint at any point of time and Haseen Dilruba is a testament to this chameleon like personality of Humans. How obsession, or possession or I should say a hegemonic perception of love and hate can make human do some of the most unimaginable things in life.

Aayne mei Khud ko dekhkar bhi Tujhe dekh lete hai!!

Vikrant Massey, the Male protagonist in the movie is someone you would absolutely start endearing after watching this movie. Somewhere the fact, that his acting is still being under rated and not being recognised enough also gets highlighted because in one movie only, he has given more shades of a single character that often some A listers have failed to give in their whole career. (Bhai Bhai !!) Starting off as a simple plain engineer who is very shy and coy eventually transforms into devilish, somewhere freakish and uninhabited lover. This character arc and the conviction in performing all this in one character makes him earn your respect. There was never any moment in the movie that his character felt unjust.

Aankhei Aayana hoti hai jab dimaag khali hota hai!!

Tapssee Pannu, the female protagonist who was young adult yet reckless, male supremacy’s attention seeking teen girl at heart whose infedility lead to the whole Mahabharat of characters and emotional and physical war in the story. Tapsee held onto her character very well and while watching the movie you could see her navigate her character according to the way she wanted and the scene required her to do. She was submissive, docile, dominating, cynosure seeker, corrupt, reckless, as and when scene required it to be.

The third protagonist in the story is the story itself which makes you sit at the edge of your seat and keeps you guessing about the eventuality of characters till the very end and manages to give you a movie which is as good as trailer (finally :P) because after watching the last two episodes of Ray, I was pretty much disappointed by the Manoj Vajapayee and Netflix Originals and had low hopes, tbh, from this movie.

This movie came of as a big relief.

Haseen Dilrubba can be a great watch over a weekend where you don’t want to go out and have some excitement in life. Basically, if you are young lonely and have nobody to Netflix and chill, then watch this movie to get some chill in life!!

Trailer of the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lt_bDfnXKGM

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