Little Miss ☀️ Sunshine: Not every dream has to become a reality!!

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Why do we have to be so obsessed with our dreams and aspirations? Why do we always have to chase that thing as if that is the only thing that can bring salvation to our lives.

Dont chase that!! Be Still

This beautiful movie, “Little miss Sunshine”, counters that narrative that you always have to be the winner. Sometimes just being in the game is fine. Those who finally win it aren’t so happy either.

The movie revolves around the plot of a emotionally and almost financially bankrupt family, which has a over worked mother, her TYPE A husband, a Neitzsche devotee son, a foul mouthed father and a proustian scholar brother, Frank, who is gay and has successfully failed at killing himself.

The story interplays a beautiful fabric of how obsession with dreams can have foul repercussions when they don’t end well.

Sheryl Hoover brings her suicidal brother, Frank, home, after he tried to commit suicide, when his lover left him and his proutsian study didn’t end well. He (played by the great Steve Carell) feels unfulfilled when he didn’t get the required closure in life and tried to kill himself. As he said in the movie, “He failed in that too”.

Sheryl’s Husband Richard, is a typical Type A personality who is vehemently trying to build a career as a motivational speaker and life coach. His life almost falls apart when this business idea that he stuck to his soul, didn’t fall through and had to accept failure and a potential bankruptcy as well.

Sheryl’s son from her previous marriage, Dwayne, a neitzche devotee couldn’t digest the fact that he is colour blind and won’t be able to fly anymore. His life tore apart in front of his colour blind eyes. He had literally taken a vow of silence till the time he attains admission in a flying school. All hell broke loose when he realised that he won’t be able to do this anymore.

Olive, Sheryl’s daughter who dreams of becoming a beauty pageant when she grows up. A cute young kid, almost thought of giving up ice cream because as per his father, only skinny girls go for pageant and ice cream shall make her fat. Another chap in the family of obsessed dreamers, or hegemonic seekers.

The story is filled with obsessive dreamers and their eventual unfateful meeting with reality.

Throughout the story, we could see how there was no individual dream for Sheryl Hoover but multiple dreams tied to the success of her near and dear ones and how unrealised dreams broker everyone to their core.

Like many road-trip stories, the movie unravels some great and grotesque experiences during the trip, be it the breakdown of bus mid road, or sudden demise of their father or the realisation of the fact that, “Fuck it, if you like something do it irrespective of whatever covenants that society or life attaches to it.”

Sometimes, only thing required to do is say, ”FUCK IT”

It is the obsessed dreams, the unrequited closure and the eventual understanding that not everyone has to be winner in life, makes this movie beautiful and watchable at the same time.

You can watch it on a light weekend!!

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