When Enough is Enough !!

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3 min readAug 14, 2022

We are often forced to believe and grow with this quote “Never Give Up”. But perhaps sometimes in life, it is important to just give up. Just not take it anymore. Just stop trying to be what you are not, trying to compromise respect for the sake of perpetuity, living with constant anxiety, smiling with a undertone of burden that it never reaches your eyes, always feeling a lump in chest, just waiting for a bomb to blast at any moment and pushing you in a perpetual cycle of pain and misery with melancholy in this long and arduous life, where you even start romanticing the concept of death. Afterall how much can be tolerated in the name of love, in the name of “it will get better”, “things take time”, “you will get there”. Can I just be reciprocated with love and affection for once, can I feel a gentle warm touch for once and cry my heart out so that it can start beating for you again, feel a warm tight hug that it makes me feel safe, or just feel like a baby who is safe in your shadow. Just once, is it too much to ask for ?

The darlings movie was conceptualized on the same framework where protagonist of the movie Alia Bhatt was too much in love to actually fall for the antagonist of the movie. Blinded to an extent that she couldn’t see the red flags and ignored the agony and misery, his constant beating put her through. The character development of the protagonist from a bechari to chabuk wali has been phenomenal where nothing seems abrupt and didn’t look like a typical bollywood transformation.
Even though Alia has often been at the receiving end of the trolls on social media, this Nepo Kid has made a mark for herself by her brilliant performances and one of the most glaring parts about her acting in the movie was how she had shown moments of innocence and vulnerability on screen. As a viewer, you could actually feel your heart thumping in fear along with the protagonist when the antagonist was about to bespoke violence upon her. There were few moments where you could feel the vulnerability and share the pain of the character and perhaps that’s a mark of a great actor.

Shefali Shah was great in terms of a supporting actor whose character arc weaved greatly with the overall plot of the movie and she was not just a “typical bollywood mother” in the movie. The instances of comedy were great to keep throwing you off the table during a scene of vehementuosness.

When you have such a powerful star case, and powerful actors, it is important to have a strong anti actor as well and Vijay Raj did it perfectly where he was switching between a demon and demi god with quick instances and didn’t make it look over the top at all.

All in all, a good movie which brings out some important realities to the forefront.

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